The ESR STAT™ 6 and the ESR STAT™ PLUS instruments are rapid result analyzers that are excellent for hospital laboratories, clinics, urgent care centers and physician’s office labs.

Using the mylar wrapped self-seal analysis tubes from HemaTechnologies, a 25 microliter sample of whole blood is taken from an EDTA blood collection tube. Results along with patient ID are presented on-screen without the need for measuring or calculating results. The ESR STAT 6 automatically prints and transmits results to the LIS.

Product benefits:

§  Saves time – Sed rate results in 5 minutes vs 1 hour with the Westergren method

§  Small sample size  - 25 microliter vs 0.8 ml with the Westergren method

- Excellent for pediatric patients

- No more QNS reports

- Control material costs will be minimized

§  Analysis tube is mylar wrapped and self sealing for maximum safety and convenience

§  Proven accuracy:   0.96 or better correlation with SediPlast Westergren

§  Easy sample handling – The Direct Read feature virtually eliminates sampling errors

§  Significantly reduces biohazard waste volume  - small capillary tube vs Westergren tube and container

§  Bar code reader – speeds sample processing and eliminates patient ID errors

§  Printed documentation of results

§  LIS Connection (ESR STAT 6)